Planning for Kilimanjaro.


Here is a quick checklist to complete while planning for a Kilimanjaro trip.


  • Save For The Trip: The total cost for the trip will depend on the adventures you plan while in Africa.  It is common for somebody climbing Mount Kilimanjaro to take additional trips to the Safari and Zanzibar Beach.

Hiking Kilimanjaro: $1500-$2500

Safari: $900-$2500

Airfare: $1300-$2000

Travel Insurance: $200-400

Tips: $300-400

Rental and New Equipment Purchases.

  • Contact Outfitter: The Outfitter that we used was Zara Tours.

Living Maleo:

Zara Tours:

  • Schedule Time Off Of Work:  Most climbs take 6-8 days.  it’s important to add additional days for the Safari,  one day to travel to Africa, one day to travel home. With an extra day before the climb and after. It’s recommended to have 11 Days for travel and climb.
  • Obtain Passport: Important that you have a valid passport 6 months prior to requesting your Visa.

Check the international website for updates to passport and visa guidelines.

  • Immunizations: Your visit to the doctor/travel clinic will be different for everyone.  Depending on your location and previous immunizations will determine the number of immunizations you will be required to obtain.
  • Physical Training: To increase your chances of success,  it is recommended to begin a training regiment.

A basic training plan can be found here:

  • Packing List and Shopping: Pre-pack and complete shopping 30 days prior to your departure flight.  This will insure that you have all the proper equipment and clothing before the trip and allows time to obtain missing items.


  • Repack: 24-72 hours before departure go over the packing list and pack again.
  • Try on all clothing: Some people stay the same size year around and others might see major changes in body weight with training. Make sure everything fits correctly and comfortably, it would be a unfortunate to ruin the trip with clothing to small.

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