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32 degree – Down Vest Review.


Recently, I came across the company that produces  the product line Weatherproof 32 degree outerwear. I took a moment to review the products.

On the trail, I prefer the lightest weight options to keep me warm, in most cases this requires down insulation. The cost for 32 Degree’s lightweight down vest is approximately $30 compared to $120 for a similar product sold by other major outdoor manufacturer. This is one of the main reason why I believe this is the best down jacket option.

32 degree down vest on bench

When reviewing this product I was very skeptical at the low cost point. Knowing from experience, many  companies will cut costs is in the stitching, fabric and down used for insulation. The insulation that they use is a 650+ fill power down, which is a common fill power for high quality down jackets. The shell of the jacket is a 100% lightweight nylon material, but when compared to my other jackets is a little more durable and slightly heavier. Even though the material is slightly heavier the total weight in its crush sack for a men’s large is just over six ounces.

During my research of the brand, I saw many comments about the stitching being poor and a lack of quality. But when comparing the stitching side by side to other brands it looks identical. And when comparing the manufacturing labels you will clearly see that the products are both made in China.

Best Lightweight down jacket
Lightweight down vest sitting on a rock in provided crush sack

For the beginner or intermediate backpacker this is the best lightweight jacket for the price you can buy. It allows them to leave their heavy sweatshirts and fleeces at home while increasing the warmth and reducing weight by using a down insulation product. In my personal opinion, I recommend purchasing the long sleeve jacket over the vest for overnight trips. The small increase of weight for the down jacket will help remove other items out of your pack.

You can find the 32 degree products on Amazon, and if you are lucky at Costco. Make sure you are purchasing lightweight down vests and jackets by 32 Degrees to ensure your quality.

Purchase the 32 Degree down vest on Amazon

Best Down Vest on Amazon

Purchase the 32 Degree down Jacket on Amazon

Best Down Vest on Amazon


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