Keen has made some changes to their dependable Targhee II Mid design that we became to love. The new design changes the boots appearance and weight but has not changed the expected performance.  

When first trying the Targhee II Mid – TAC boots,  they felt a little wider than the standard Targhee.  This could be due to the fact these are brand new compare to the miles upon miles of trail Targhee  original boots has seen. Immediately after lacing the boots, the Keen TACs provided that familiar feeling and we’re ready to hit the trail.

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Columbia Base layer – With Omniheat

The Columbia base-layer with Omniheat is an excellent option for the cooler nights on the trail. Most backpackers carry a base-layer for cool nights and days with temperatures below their comfort levels. By adding a base layer to your pack, you can remove the need for another pair of warmer pants that will add additional weight for clothing seldom worn during a trip. By using the Columbia Omniheat, you can reduce the additional bulk created by other heavyweight base layers.

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32 degree – Down Vest Review.

Recently, I came across the company that produces  the product line Weatherproof 32 degree outerwear. I took a moment to review the products.

On the trail, I prefer the lightest weight options to keep me warm, in most cases this requires down insulation. The cost for 32 Degree’s lightweight down vest is approximately $30 compared to $120 for a similar product sold by other major outdoor manufacturer. This is one of the main reason why I believe this is the best down jacket option.

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