Youth Backpacks for the Young Adventurer.

Recently, we received a request to find and review children’s backpack suitable for backpacking adventures.  A couple things that we kept in mind  during our search was cost, functionality, and similarities to an adult backpack. The problem with a children backpack is outgrowing the backpack in several years, leaving the backpack with minimal use.

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Columbia Base layer – With Omniheat

The Columbia base-layer with Omniheat is an excellent option for the cooler nights on the trail. Most backpackers carry a base-layer for cool nights and days with temperatures below their comfort levels. By adding a base layer to your pack, you can remove the need for another pair of warmer pants that will add additional weight for clothing seldom worn during a trip. By using the Columbia Omniheat, you can reduce the additional bulk created by other heavyweight base layers.

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REI Half Dome 2 Plus – Review

REI Half Dome 2 Plus

In the never ending quest to find the best and lightest shelter types and methods, I started with the REI Half Dome 2 Plus. When I first discovered the REI Half Dome 2 Plus, it had the key features that a beginner backpacker feels are necessities; large vestibules on both left and right doors, a large rain fly that covers the entire tent with the addition of multiple pockets for all the extra unnecessary things I carried. Continue reading REI Half Dome 2 Plus – Review

Hennessy Hammock Review

The Hennessy Hammock is one of the top manufactured hammocks on the market. The benefit of purchasing the Hennessy Hammock is having all the key features included for your next camping trip. But having the additional features does come out a small price that is well worth it.

The Hennessy Hammock comes in a variety of options such as the ultralight, Explorer and Jungle models that provide Hennessy’s Velcro entry and traditional zipper closure. Included with the Hennessy Hammock is a polyester square rain-fly, ridge-line, no-see-um bug netting, polyester webbing and hammock.

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The Gregory Savant Backpack Review

The Gregory Savant backpack is a lightweight versatile backpack  suitable for almost all adventures. Gregory is known for making some of the best backpacks in its long line of durable backpacks. That range between day hiking backpacks and your long excursion packs for multiple days.

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Levin: Solstar Giant

The Levin Solstar Giant, a lot like its smaller brother the Levin Solstar battery bank is a wonderful product. Many times backpacking, I found myself caring heavy battery banks or solar panels. With the Solstar battery bank allows you to bring portable power with you from the start as well as continuously replenish energy with the solar panels. Continue reading Levin: Solstar Giant

PureGrit 2: By Brooks

The PureGrit 2’s by Brooks are some of the best trail running shoes tested at Hikers Review. The overall fit is found to be all around average for size and fit. In a lot of other comparable trail runners you will find a lot of extra room in the toe box or too narrow.

With a stylish design that is lightweight and durable it provides a high quality shoe at a reasonable price. To help keep the shoe lightweight, Brooks used a durable mesh material that provides a breathable but yet flexible toe box. The tread is designed with an aggressive multi-directional pattern to help prevent slipping on any trail surface.

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Saucony Peregrine 4 Review

My overall opinion of the shoes is somewhere in the middle. The overall cushioning on the feet as well as stability is great. They can be laced up quickly and you can be running in no time. The Peregrine offers a nice tight fit that allows you to have control while running down the trail. The tread is aggressive enough for any loose or muddy terrain allowing you to exercise and  explore in most trail conditions.

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My Trail Company: New Company Launch

Recently, Hikers Review got the opportunity to communicate by e-mail with Kale Klontz from My Trail Company. Mr. Klontz was a key member of the former outdoor equipment company GoLite. In the fall of 2014 GoLite ran into financial difficulties due to poor economic conditions that forced GoLite to file for Chapter 11.

For those that are familiar with the backpacking and hiking scene will recognize the GoLite logo and variety of high quality outdoor equipment. Some of their most popular items offered by GoLite were the Imogene tents, Jam Pack backpacks and the Chrome Dome umbrella. Of which Hikers Review will be releasing product reviews on both Imogene and Chrome Dome umbrellas. We will identify reasonable replacements on our website due to the inability to obtain these items from the former company GoLite.

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