GoLite is going out of Business?


Yes, it is true GoLite is going out of business.

GoLite offered some of the best products at great prices. When you first start backpacking, you would never think about buying a $300 tent or sleeping bag. But after your first couple nights on the trail you begin want something nicer, warmer and lighter.

Don’t get to excited about this going out of business sale. The prices are still at the standard GoLite weekly sales price, but the selection is limited. I believe most of the buying  is from loyal customers that are looking for that replacement item, they were holding out on.

Here is a list of equipment that was scheduled for review by Hikersreview.com

  • Imogene 2 – Tent
  • GoLite – Daypack
  • Stocking Cap
  • Baseball Cap
  • Town Vest
  • Men’s Selkirk Ultralite 800 – Jacket
  • Men’s Selkirk Ultralite 800 – Vest
  • Woman’s Selkirk Ultralite 800 – Jacket
  • Woman’s Selkirk Ultralite 800 – Vest
  • Adventure 20 – Sleeping Bag (Men’s)
  • Adventure 20 – Sleeping Bag (Woman’s Short)
  • Z30 – Sleeping Bag (Mens)
  • Z30 – Sleeping Bag (Woman’s Short)
  • GoLite Chrome Dome – Umbrella


golite-daypack-out-of-businessDon’t worry, this most likely will not be the end of GoLite. Although the branding is lacking, Golite has offered a footwear line for a while. My hope is they bring the high quality and demand products to the footwear business group, products like the Jam Packs.



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