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My first experience with the Jetboil products was in Isle Royale National Park. A group of hikers, that  my wife and I met on the trail had the Zipboil by Jetboil. After watching the Zipboil in action, I was sold and had to purchase one.

Jetboil offers several different models made with different metals and sizes.  The model I found most effective for my needs was the Jetboil Flash. The Flash comes with a pot with a “max fill” line at 16 ounces, but with a maximum capacity of 32 ounces.  I’m a huge morning coffee person, so having the extra capacity for hot water allows me to make more coffee while packing up camp.

Jetboil offers many great features that you will not find in other stoves. The pots are made out of light weight metals, either Aluminum or Titanium depending on your preference and need to reduce your pack weight but it does come with a price.  The pot used has a heat-sink system that allows more of the heat from the butane flame to be transferred into the pot to help decrease the boil time to 1-2 mins for 16 ounces (.5 l) of water. Another value add feature is the neoprene sleeve on the pot, with a water boil gauge.  This insulated sleeve allows me to boil water for coffee in the morning, keeping it warm for the next hour. Which is perfect for packing up camp in the morning.

Jetboil Flashboil cooking system in a Gregory backpackThe Jetboil can use most camp stove butane canisters. According to Jetboil the Flashboil system can boil 12 liters of water with a 100g canister or roughly 24 freeze dried meals. The nice feature of the 100g canister is it fits inside the pot for easy packing. But if you hike with a group and rely on one stove, I recommend using the 220g canister and leaving the stand at home to save weight. 

To pack Jetboil, first make sure the pot is cool to the touch and dry. If you are using the 100g butane canister, drop it into the bottom of the pot. Next place the orange canister stand on top of the fuel, followed by the burner. Last place the plastic lid on the top and plastic cup on the bottom.  This provides a tightly compact and secure way to pack your cooking equipment during your hikes and is approximately the same size as a Nalgene bottle.

Overall, this is now my go to camp stove. It is light weight, convenient, packs very efficiently.

Purchase the Flashboil Personal Cooking System Here: amazon-logo-transparentbackcountry logo

Product:  Flashboil

Description: Butane Personal Cooking System

Manufacturer: Jetboil

Price: $89.99-$99.99 amazon-logo-transparent backcountry logo

Colors: Camo, Black, Green, Blue and Red

Trail Weight: 14 oz (Fuel Not Included)

Volume: 32 oz

Boil time: 2 minutes (16 ounces)

Product Test Length: 12 months

Extra Features: Burner adapter for non-Jetboil pots, Water boil gauge, Handle and spoon slot


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