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Keen has made some changes to their dependable Targhee II Mid design that we became to love. The new design changes the boots appearance and weight but has not changed the expected performance.  

When first trying the Targhee II Mid – TAC boots,  they felt a little wider than the standard Targhee.  This could be due to the fact these are brand new compare to the miles upon miles of trail Targhee  original boots has seen. Immediately after lacing the boots, the Keen TACs provided that familiar feeling and we’re ready to hit the trail.

When comparing the Targhee vs Targhee TAC, the new TAC design comes in with a black polymer material placing some of the leather. This might help some people coordinate their outfits  or provide a black option for work uniforms, but when everything is considered they are still a pair of keen hiking boots.  The leather that was replaced in non-crucial areas such as on top of the foot and around the ankle. The polymer still provides excellent support, but helps reduce the boots  weight by one ounce per boot. Although one ounce is not a large amount of weight in a backpack, It is important to remember that 1 pound on your foot equals 5 pounds on your back.  

The greatest part about the Keen Targhee  design is the lightweight but thick foam sole of their boots.  This provides a lightweight and extremely comfortable boot that allows you to stand, walk and hike all day without developing hot spots or sore feet no matter the load that you are carrying.  I have seen many people beginning to use the Keen boot  for a casual wear shoe.  this is not only because of its durability and comfort but allows somebody who spends a considerable amount of time on their feet to end the day without aches and pains.

New Black Targhee Mid 2 Tac
Keen Targhee Mid II TAC (Black) on Potato Chip Rock.

Although personally I have only done a maximum of 20 miles in one day with my Keen Targhee II Mid boots. I am confident that these boots will keep me comfortable for many more miles.  I’ve experimented hiking with other boots that after long days on the trail I began to experience foot and knee issues. Years of experience using Keen Targhee II Mid boots,  I’m confident that their soul and tread provide the most comfort out of any other tested boot.

It is important to take into consideration the only downside of this boot.  After a couple hundred miles of trail hiking you will begin to notice the tread  beginning to peel off the soul of the boot. Is a very common occurrence from anyone who has used a pair of Keens for an extended period of time.  To the best of my knowledge the reason for the tread to begins to fall off is due to the soft sole and flexibility that this boot provides.  Although many other hiking boot brands provide a Vibram sole which is a slip free and effective tread,  it does not allow for the same performance and comfort you see out of the Keen tread pattern.

You can expect the Keen Targhee II Mid to  begin to show signs of wear on the tread after 400 miles,  but in all honesty any boot will show signs.  If your tread begins to peel away from the foam soal,  it can be easily repaired with a tube of superglue to extend the life of your boot. You can expect a well fitting boot directly out of the box that will be ready for miles of hiking.  I personally can expect less knee pain and foot arch pain after many days of hiking.

Although I have tested many other boot models and brands the Keen Targhee II Mid  has been my go to boot for most conditions.  I expect new design Keen Targhee II Mid – TAC  boots will give me many wonderful experiences and will see many miles of trails between San Diego to Mount Kilimanjaro.



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  1. This made the Perfect gift for my husband! I am so happy with my purchase and cannot wait to buy another!

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