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Levin: Solstar Giant


The Levin Solstar Giant, a lot like its smaller brother the Levin Solstar battery bank is a wonderful product. Many times backpacking, I found myself caring heavy battery banks or solar panels. With the Solstar battery bank allows you to bring portable power with you from the start as well as continuously replenish energy with the solar panels.

The Levin Solstar Giant has a battery capacity that’s approximately three times larger than the Levin Solstar. (12,000 mAh vs 5000 mAh) To provide a reference it will charge a galaxy 5s approximately 4 times from 0% to 100%. By using the solar panels by allow access to sunlight at camp or hanging off your backpack while hiking, you should be able to sustain power for your electronic devices while backpacking.

Two Levin Solstar Models comparing sizeI have noticed the Solstar Giant charges with less direct sunlight then the Levin Solstar, which is a result of the larger solar panel. In comparison the Levin Solstar Giant trail weight 10.5 ounces vs the Solstar 5.5 ounces, which comes as a result of the larger battery and solar panel.

The other features offered by the Levin Giant Solstar battery bank are 2 charging USB is and a micro USB charging port, and water resistances. The cable provided with the battery bank doubles as a charging cable for most Android phones and USB devices using a micro USB. If you are concerned about the additional weight and are trying to minimize the required equipment for a backpacking trip the battery bank has built-in single LED flashlight. It is not recommended to rely solely on this flashlight but could definitely be used as a secondary or backup light at camp.

In general this is a great battery bank due to its multi-purpose functions and compact package making it ideal for backpacking. If you are looking at charging multiple devices and sharing this device with a group the Levin Solstar Giant will be your best option. But if you are hiking alone or on a short trip the Solstar might be a better solution. With a price point of approximately $40, it’s a good purchase to replace some of your other bulky and heavy equipment to ensure continued use of your electronic devices such as GPS is and cameras.


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