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Recently, Hikers Review got the opportunity to communicate by e-mail with Kale Klontz from My Trail Company. Mr. Klontz was a key member of the former outdoor equipment company GoLite. In the fall of 2014 GoLite ran into financial difficulties due to poor economic conditions that forced GoLite to file for Chapter 11.

For those that are familiar with the backpacking and hiking scene will recognize the GoLite logo and variety of high quality outdoor equipment. Some of their most popular items offered by GoLite were the Imogene tents, Jam Pack backpacks and the Chrome Dome umbrella. Of which Hikers Review will be releasing product reviews on both Imogene and Chrome Dome umbrellas. We will identify reasonable replacements on our website due to the inability to obtain these items from the former company GoLite.

It’s important to note that the new business “My Trail Company” is operated separately from the former GoLite Company, with no financial ties. My Trail Company will be operating with new staff and business partners even though they will retain many of the same intellectual properties that the former GoLite Company previously used for their products. So, what does this mean for the consumer and GoLite fans? In general this means that majority of the favorite products will return to the market under a new company and product name, but with no association with GoLite.

My Trail Company will have a focus on lightweight outdoor equipment, according to Mr. Klontz, “that will help consumers have more fun on the trail.” With the main focuses on activities such as backpacking, hiking, skiing, running and fitness that can be used by the extremely dedicated to the weekend trail casuals. For people worried about seeing a return of a favorite design or be the first to show-off the new My Trail Company hiking equipment, you will have to keep waiting. “We are working with fabric suppliers and manufactures to determine what specific designs and products can be produced initially.  The number of styles and units in the first few productions will depend greatly on our initial capital raised, and what negotiations we are able to make on minimum order sizes.”

Want to help support the next outdoor apparel company? Mr. Klontz said, “there is much work in progress, and many details yet to complete, such as a capital raised through crowd funding DPO (Direct Public Offering) that will launch in the coming weeks, and may take several months – available to Colorado residents only.”   Sorry, America, it looks like you need to sit back and wait for Colorado to fund the start of My Trail Company. Hikers Review will continue to follow up on new developments and share any Crowd Funding/Kick Starter opportunities available to the public.




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3 thoughts on “My Trail Company: New Company Launch”

  1. This format is exactly why GoLite went under. Poor business decisions, not poor economic conditions. Ha, good luck

  2. >Want to help support the next outdoor apparel company? Mr. Klontz said…

    Here’s to hoping that the new product lines are more equipment related than apparel. Equipment was GoLite’s strong points. And apparel is what got them into trouble. Thanks for reading.

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