Gravity Sawyer Water Filter System

Sawyer Mini Water Filter


The hardest thing about the Sawyer mini water to accept is the effectiveness of such a small filter. For years I used the Katadyn Hiker Pro for all my trips, but the drive to lighten my pack inspired me to find new methods for water filtration. That is when I was introduced to the Sawyer mini water filter built into a gravity system.

The greatest benefits to the Sawyer mini is the high flow rate and weight of only 1.4 ounces. In the package you will find a 16 fluid ounce squeeze bottle, with a standard thread used most water bottles and water bags. If you are ever in a situation with a broken bladder, you can use almost any bottle from your local convenience store. Just another reason to buy a bottle of  orange soda for you

Gravity Sawyer Water Filter System
Sawyer Water Filter with a Gravity bag system

trip! Sawyer also includes a straw if you are required to drink directly from a water source without a bottle.  Also included is a large syringe to black flush the system once the flow is reduced. I normally back flash the system after 5-10 litters depending on the water source.

The other popular methods of use for the Sawyer mini are inline for a water bladder and gravity water systems. The inline filter system helps you lighten your pack, but keep in mind it will make all your water filtered as needed or requires additional work to fill bottles. My preferred method is the gravity filter options. Gravity filter methods allows you to filter as much water as needed, while giving you time to setup camp. Keep in mind that in areas with little to no water, it might be necessary to scoop  water into the bag. There are many manufactures that provide bags built for this method, but also be made with some standard materials.

To build the gravity system you will need the following.

For a quick review how to assemble watch our YouTube Video.

Overall, this is a great product that gives you allot of flexibility on your water filtering methods. With its light weight and high flow rates, you will find this little filter at the top of your list.

Product:  Sawyer Mini Water Filter

Description: Water Filter

Manufacturer: Sawyer

Price: $17.00 amazon-logo-transparent

Trail Weight: 1.4 oz


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