LEVIN Solstar solar charging on fence post overlooking a nature prairie in Minnesota.

Solstar By LEVIN: Portal Solar Battery Charger


Levin charging on the Golite Day PackLEVIN produced a product that is suitable for most long-distance hikers who are concerned about their pack weight. This battery bank, like many others out there, has the capacity to charge most phones twice. However, in my case with the Galaxy S5, I was only able to obtain 1.5 charges before depleting the battery bank with no sun exposure. On the plus side, I was able to charge my phone quickly.

After a recent five day backpacking trip to northern Minnesota, the battery bank still had a 50 percent charge. I typically leave my cell phone in airplane mode using only the camera, during a hiking trip to preserve the battery. During the day, I hung the battery bank off of my backpack with a carabiner and placed it in the sun while in camp. To prolong the life of my phone battery, I had shut off the phone while in camp and at night. There were some exceptions, like the few nights we used my phone to play music while we ate and relaxed next to the river.

In ideal conditions with direct sunlight, I would have been able to sustain a 2 week trip from this device charging my cell phone before depleting the charge.

Although, I never did test the rain resistance feature,  I believe that this device could survive minor rain, however, it would not survive being submerged in water. The product packaging does state the battery bank is “super rain resistant.”

For somebody who is looking for a battery bank that may provide additional weight cutting this could be an ideal product. With its small LED flashlight, solar panel and small size it could replace several luxury items that you bring along on the trail.

Overall, I am extremely satisfied with this product and is my go to item for backpacking solar power. If you are a heavy electronic user, I recommend buying the Solstar Giant with a 12000 mAh battery.

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Product: Solstar

Description: Portable Solar Battery Bank

Manufacturer: LEVIN

Price: $27.99 (9/2014)amazon-logo-transparent

Trail Weight: 5.75oz (162.5g)

Charge/Power: 5000 mAh

Solar Panel: 1.2W (5v 200mA)

Outputs: 2 USB – 5.0V @1A each

Inputs: Solar Panel and Micro USB

Extra Features: LED Flash Light, Rain-Resistant, Shock-Resistant, USB to Micro USB Charging Cable, Small Carabineer, LED Charge Indicator

Product Test Length: 2 months.

Purchase the Levin Solar Battery Pack on amazon-logo-transparent

Purchase Levin Solstar Giant Battery Bank on amazon-logo-transparent


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