Levin: Solstar Giant

The Levin Solstar Giant, a lot like its smaller brother the Levin Solstar battery bank is a wonderful product. Many times backpacking, I found myself caring heavy battery banks or solar panels. With the Solstar battery bank allows you to bring portable power with you from the start as well as continuously replenish energy with the solar panels. Continue reading Levin: Solstar Giant


When I first heard about the BioLite CampStove, I thought this was going to be my one and only stove for all of my trips. I quickly learned there were several downfalls with this wonderful stove that would limit its trips.

The key feature of the BioLite CampStove is the ability to produce electricity by using thermoelectric technology. The power generated by burning fuel is used for a fan that pushes air through the fire, increasing the heat and efficiency. Any remaining power is used to recharge the internal battery and any attached USB devices.


Solstar By LEVIN: Portal Solar Battery Charger

Levin charging on the Golite Day PackLEVIN produced a product that is suitable for most long-distance hikers who are concerned about their pack weight. This battery bank, like many others out there, has the capacity to charge most phones twice. However, in my case with the Galaxy S5, I was only able to obtain 1.5 charges before depleting the battery bank with no sun exposure. On the plus side, I was able to charge my phone quickly. Continue reading Solstar By LEVIN: Portal Solar Battery Charger