The Gregory Savant Backpack Review

The Gregory Savant backpack is a lightweight versatile backpack  suitable for almost all adventures. Gregory is known for making some of the best backpacks in its long line of durable backpacks. That range between day hiking backpacks and your long excursion packs for multiple days.

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Gregory Baltoro Backpack Review

The Gregory Baltoro is one of the heavier backpacks available on the market at 6lbs, but makes up for its weight in extreme comfort. When I purchased this pack, I was on the search for a backpack that could handle weights over 50lbs comfortably for longer trips in the backcountry.  Not only will it this back carry the weight, it will last the test of time. My wife has owned her Gregory Deva, which has a similar design and has lasted over 10 years with no signs of major wear.

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