Columbia Base layer – With Omniheat

The Columbia base-layer with Omniheat is an excellent option for the cooler nights on the trail. Most backpackers carry a base-layer for cool nights and days with temperatures below their comfort levels. By adding a base layer to your pack, you can remove the need for another pair of warmer pants that will add additional weight for clothing seldom worn during a trip. By using the Columbia Omniheat, you can reduce the additional bulk created by other heavyweight base layers.

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Hennessy Hammock Review

The Hennessy Hammock is one of the top manufactured hammocks on the market. The benefit of purchasing the Hennessy Hammock is having all the key features included for your next camping trip. But having the additional features does come out a small price that is well worth it.

The Hennessy Hammock comes in a variety of options such as the ultralight, Explorer and Jungle models that provide Hennessy’s Velcro entry and traditional zipper closure. Included with the Hennessy Hammock is a polyester square rain-fly, ridge-line, no-see-um bug netting, polyester webbing and hammock.

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The Gregory Savant Backpack Review

The Gregory Savant backpack is a lightweight versatile backpack  suitable for almost all adventures. Gregory is known for making some of the best backpacks in its long line of durable backpacks. That range between day hiking backpacks and your long excursion packs for multiple days.

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Sierra Design Shelter – Flashlight 2 UL Tent

2 Person UL Shelter

Sierra Designs Flashlight 2 UL

Pros: Excellent headroom where it matters most.  No center pole, still high wind resistant.  Lightweight.  Excellent ventilation.  Shed’s water well.  Quick and easy set up.  Vestibules double as closet space.  Poles can be replaced by trekkers.

Cons: Tent packs to shorter length than the poles.  Could consider purchasing a  separate stuff sack.  I just kept the poles outside my pack.     Continue reading Sierra Design Shelter – Flashlight 2 UL Tent

Levin: Solstar Giant

The Levin Solstar Giant, a lot like its smaller brother the Levin Solstar battery bank is a wonderful product. Many times backpacking, I found myself caring heavy battery banks or solar panels. With the Solstar battery bank allows you to bring portable power with you from the start as well as continuously replenish energy with the solar panels. Continue reading Levin: Solstar Giant

Sawyer Mini Water Filter

The hardest thing about the Sawyer mini water to accept is the effectiveness of such a small filter. For years I used the Katadyn Hiker Pro for all my trips, but the drive to lighten my pack inspired me to find new methods for water filtration. That is when I was introduced to the Sawyer mini water filter built into a gravity system.

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Gregory Baltoro Backpack Review

The Gregory Baltoro is one of the heavier backpacks available on the market at 6lbs, but makes up for its weight in extreme comfort. When I purchased this pack, I was on the search for a backpack that could handle weights over 50lbs comfortably for longer trips in the backcountry.  Not only will it this back carry the weight, it will last the test of time. My wife has owned her Gregory Deva, which has a similar design and has lasted over 10 years with no signs of major wear.

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SallyeAnder Soaps – “No-Bite-Me” review

Recently, my wife purchased the SallyeAnder Soap “No Bite Me” for hiking and camping in the backcountry. I am always very cautious when using a soap that will be in contact with water in the backcountry. After a little research, I found that this bar of soap is made from natural ingredients and claims to be river and stream safe.

The reason for switching to this soap is for the wonderful scent. But in addition to the scent, it helps keep you bug free.  On the packaging it claims that it provides up to 4 hours of bug protection.  The last time I used the soap it varied between 2-6 hours of protection, but the environment conditions could have played a large part in keeping the bugs away.

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Glacier National Park Review

Glacier National Park has over 1 million acres and 700 miles of hiking trails for people of all types to explore. Glacier National Park is located in Northern Montana with the closest airport in Kalispell, Mt.

If you are planning to do some hiking in Glacier National Park there are many trails that are suitable for day hiking that will allow you to see the beauty of this national park. But if you are planning on backcountry camping you are going to need a permit. To apply for a permit visit Glacier National Park website and complete the necessary documentation. Planning a last minute trip is not advised, it will force you to plan around available backcountry campsites, which can lead to long days or undesired routes. When planning your route make sure to consider your transportation. Glacier National Park runs a free shuttle service on the Going to the Sun Road that is convenient for backpackers and day hikers that are trying to travel between the west entrance to the east entrance.

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