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The Gregory Savant Backpack Review


The Gregory Savant backpack is a lightweight versatile backpack  suitable for almost all adventures. Gregory is known for making some of the best backpacks in its long line of durable backpacks. That range between day hiking backpacks and your long excursion packs for multiple days.

What sets the Gregory savant backpack apart from the typical Baltoro backpack previously reviewed is it smaller capacity and lighter weight. Unlike the Baltoro backpack the savant comes with a built-in rain fly which is an added. value. Now if you are hiking in an area that will not be experiencing rain this is just added weight but is nice to have as a built-in for those rainy seasons. The rain fly itself is not sewn into the backpack which makes it easy to remove and left behind.

Although this backpack is lighter you do not sacrifice the comfort that you would with other lighter backpacks . The shoulder pads although not as thick as the bell Toro provide a very comfortable foam that provides the support for long days. The waist belt is much smaller than other Gregory backpacks with a similar phone as their shoulder pads but offers larger waist pockets that are large enough to hold most cellphones and several trail bars .

For my experience with this backpack it offers enough pockets to help segregate your load and distribute the weight with additional straps that allow you to carry things on top and below your pack making up the capacity issues with a smaller pack . If you are one who likes to bring a lot of extra equipment which forces you to bring a larger backpack this may not be the correct pack for you period Artest hike with us to Glacier National Park we carry the following items.

A synthetic compressible sleeping bag, a two person REI tent, food for 3 days, extra change of clothing, is small compact camp chair, and thermarest pad. Even with carrying these items not typically considered compact in a ultralight or backpacking situation we still had plenty of room to spare.

Bast Backpack by Gregory
Gregory Savant Backpack on a review trip.

I still find myself leaning towards my Gregory Baltoro 70l backpack due to its comfort. But believe that I will slowly gravitate to the Gregory savant 58 liter pack overtime. For somebody who is first starting off backpacking take a look at the equipment you are planning on bringing. If you are planning to bring larger bulkier items and your pack weight will be above 45 pounds I suggest purchasing a larger more supportive backpack such as the Gregory Baltoro. If your goal is to start as minimal, lightweight, and compact as possible I highly recommend checking out the savant.

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