Cairn Box, Is it worth it?


After receiving the Cairn Box for 3 months, we can safely say that Cairn Box is worth the subscription charge. By receiving items monthly, you are able to try new equipment from different manufacturers that can improve you’re hiking and backpacking experiences. ┬áTo learn more please visit the Cairn Box website by clicking on the icon below or watch our recent YouTube videos reviewing the contents of each box.


3 thoughts on “Cairn Box, Is it worth it?”

  1. No, not worth it and price just went up. And, if they make a mistake in billing, you eat it. They can take money out in 5 minutes, but won’t reverse charges for at least 24 hours.

    1. I personally had a similar experience, a charge was processed immediately and the refund took a couple days. This was no concern for me because credit card companies can be really slow.

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