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Saucony Peregrine 4 Review


My overall opinion of the shoes is somewhere in the middle. The overall cushioning on the feet as well as stability is great. They can be laced up quickly and you can be running in no time. The Peregrine offers a nice tight fit that allows you to have control while running down the trail. The tread is aggressive enough for any loose or muddy terrain allowing you to exercise and  explore in most trail conditions.

My biggest complaint about these shoes is the fit in the heel. My first trial using the shoes was a 5 mile jog that left my right heel a little sore. The second time using the shoes was on a 4 mile walk which only caused more issues on the back of my foot. If I were to use these shoes for an additional 4 miles I would have experienced

Red Spot on the heel of the foot from the Soucony Peregrine 4
Sore after 4 miles of jogging

an open sore on the back of my foot. The back of the shoe is very hard which helps support your movement on the trail, but I believe is the cause of the soreness. This issue could be eliminated with thicker socks or additional wear.

The overall look is a very standard looking shoe, that hides the aggressive tread for the trail. In general, this might be a great shoe for most people, but from my testing this is not the shoe for me due to the friction sore.



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Product:  Peregrine 4

Description: Trail Runner Shoe

Manufacturer: Soucony



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